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People Are Talking

Helix has a long history of providing benefits for our contractors.  Here are what some of them had to say about how Helix has helped them.

I would not hesitate to recommend Helix fibers to any owner as an alternate to WWF or rebar...
Len Swederski
Swederski Concrete and Paving
This client is so satisfied that they want to utilize it for their other projects we have under design.
Richard Ahrens
Ahrens Companies
With Helix, we’ve seen a 10-20% cost savings over conventional reinforcement depending on the application and the number of construction joints. As a result, we’ve had greater success in bidding and have added to our bottom line.
Darryl Massa
EVP, Operations
Granger Construction
Overall we at Century Concrete have been very pleased with the results Helix has helped us to produce in both bottom line and finished product quality.
Wes Atkinson
Structural Engineer
Century Concrete Inc.
Helix has been a good partner. We have been able to increase quality and cut cost at the same time. Anytime we can give a homeowner or builder a better product for a better price it is a win, win for everyone.
Terry Yoder
T&D Concrete