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  Helix Steel Increases 

  Shear Strength,

  Elasticity, Ductility &


   While Reducing

   Overall Project Time

   & Carbon Footprint.

Helix: Micro-Rebar

Helix, simply put, will protect your investment in concrete.  

In any application, from structural foundations, to slabs, suspended structural concrete, and paving, Helix will increase the strength and durability of concrete.

Helix Steel recently earned IAPMO’s Uniform Evaluation Service (UES) Evaluation Report ER-279 on Helix 5-25 Micro-Rebar.  Helix Micro-Rebar 5-25 is the only discontinuous concrete reinforcement product in the world that now has a ISO certified design manual that can be followed to design vertical applications (such as walls) with Helix as the primary concrete reinforcement.

*Click Here to watch the metric version on YouTube

To learn how to design with Helix, you can take our online training course.  This will provide you with an introduction to the design method, move into more indepth instruction on how to complete some designs with hand calcuations and finish with instruction on how to use our design program.  If you or your engineer would like access to our design program, please contact your local Helix Representative.

Learn to Design with Helix (Imperial Units)
Lean to Design with Helix (Metric Units)

Replacing rebar or mesh with Helix has many quantifiable benefits:

  • Improved crack resistance
  • Increased durability
  • Improved shear strength

    In short, Helix is a better way to reinforce concrete.

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    To learn even more, visit the Technical page and download Design with Helix-10 Reasons for more details on the Top 10 Reasons to Design with Helix.

    Visit our projects page for a list of projects that have already been done with Helix.  Our Testimonials page shares some of the experiences that our contractors have had with using Helix.  And finally, for details about how Helix works, please see our Technical page.